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LandownerPile LocationCityPile AccessibilityPile TypeBedding TypeManure AgeManure/ Bedding RatioPile SizeAdditional Notes
Christina BatesLa PineYear-roundCowOther (Indicate Below)Mix90/10very little bedding, pine shaving, very little hay, blue grass, that is mixed in with the pile
Ronelle DietschBendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mixno bedding usedfull sized pickup truck bedRight now, I dump into a trailer. Once it's full, I can deliver to most places in my area. Or a person can come and take what they want. No meds, no chemical wormers used unless absolutely necessary on my horse. Hay used may be organic- varies. Located just east of the Bend, Or. airport.
Sherry LibertyLeft, front of propertyBend Year-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)MixHorses on dry lotadded to dailyOut in Cimarron City behind Bend Airport. Easy access to manure pile located outside of fence, you load. Small amount of hay mixed in with manure.
Jordanna Anawalt61750 Harmony LaneBendYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsMix10/18'W X 16'L X 5'HWe are a 25+ horse boarding facility with an always present manure pile. Manure is picked up 2x/day and deposited into manure pile.
Kevin Guadagno22041 Banff Dr. BendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)MixMostly manure LargeThere is a small amount of other material (hay, shavings, etc). Horses on a dry lot, very little bedding in the mix. Have tractor and can assist with loading in a truck or trailer.
Ross von PohleBig Lake Youth Camp from Mid June Until Mid SeptemberSistersSummerHorseOther (Indicate Below)Fresh90/1016 yardsOur manure is certified weed and seed free due to our camp being on forest service land. We produce about 16 yards every 2 weeks. We have a string of 20 horses. We usually haul it away to Deschutes recycling. We can deliver 16 yards at a time if someone is willing to take an entire load.
Greg ViscontyHereford and Old Bend/Redmond HighwayBendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)FreshNo bedding used.14 cubic yardsNo herbicides used on the hay we feed our horses.
Nancy7791 SW WickiupRedmondYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mix100% manureThis manure is from a dry lot so there is no bedding.
Dutch HuyettTumaloBendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Fresh90% manurepick up load
Michelle AndersonBENDYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mix1:0Manure from horses that are raised chemical free.
Paula Buchanan63334 Saddleback drBendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mix98/2% occasional use of shavings
Kerry Blomgren Frontier way BendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)FreshStraight mnure1 cubic yard My manure is in 20 gallon buckets that you can take, dump and return for easy portability.
Kimnext to garageTerrebonneYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mixonly manurelarge
Rachelle TannerTerrebonneTerrebonneYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Fresh75/25?sawdust
Teri Turquand66250 Gerking Mkt. RdBendYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsMix? Not surefairly largeWe will have our composted veggies as well as grass clipping and some shaving in the compost mixture. We have a gate at our entrance.
Paul BralyUnited StatesTerrebonneYear-roundHorseStrawMix
Mustangs To The RescueCloverdale Rd, near rodeo groundsSistersYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsMix99-1 - little bedding usedMount Manure!We take pride in our manure! We manage this resource so others can use it. No trash, very little bedding or debris. We turn it regularly to keep it composting. All from horses in our rescue program. Manure from horses that have received medication or wormer is not added to this pile. Easy access & we can load with a tractor. Be part of our successful program by taking our "Rescue Poo"! Get our Executive Director, Kate, excited just by calling!
Linda NolteUnited StatesRedmondYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mixall manure2-3 cubic yardswe can load for you with our tractor...
Joshua WilliamsUnited StatesBendYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsMix60/40hugeHorses eat local hay, hay may have been sprayed with broadleaf herbicides, I am not certain. It is all tested and certified hay. Its a huge pile a boarding and training facility. Year round supply and access. Thanks
Mustangs to the RescueCloverdale Road, near SistersSistersYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mix99.99%growingHorses are on dry-lots; so very little bedding/shavings. Some older manure from previous tenant.
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