Manure Exchange Directory

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LandownerPile LocationCityPile AccessibilityPile TypeBedding TypeManure AgeManure/ Bedding RatioPile SizeAdditional Notes
Di Crocker61771 Arrow Ave.Bend '02Year-roundLlamaOther (Indicate Below)Freshno beddingbuckets (5Gal.) 20+
Chris CapdevilaBendBendSummerHorseWood ShavingsCompostedminimal bedding10-12 ydsWeekdays in the morning is best time to contact him and in the spring or summer
BillCloverdale AreaSistersYear-roundHorseStrawComposted50/5040 ft by 20 ft
Larry BoydNear rodeo groundsSistersYear-roundHorseStrawMix9 horsesHas a tractor to load. Located near the rodeo ground in Sisters.
Jay RoelofszSistersSistersYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsFresh90/10 fresh to aged.
Laura WhiteBend/ TumaloBend/ TumaloYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Fresh100% Manure
Dave TrassBend/ Horse ButteBend/ Horse ButteYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsFreshvaries, 80 to 20 manure to bedding.
Linda NolteNE of town near TerrebonneRedmondYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)FreshNonepartly composted. 90% pure.
Kevin & Therese FriedmanBend/ TumaloBend/ TumaloYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsFresh
Diane WillardLa PineLa PineYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsMix
Brett & Lynai McCoyRedmondRedmondYear-roundCowStrawMixCow/sheep manure
Christy DelacourBendBendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mix
Gwendy McCarthyRedmondRedmondYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsMixHorse & Donkey Manure.
Patricia McKinneyBendBendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mix100% ManureFresh on top and aged on bottom.
Meggan GouldTumaloTumaloYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)MixEasy Access
Les MortonBend/ TumaloBend/ TumaloYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)MixHorse/Donkey Manure. Leaves and Debris in mix. Easy access.
Dianne PrescottSistersSistersYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)FreshNoneClean Manure
Horse Butte Equestrian Center (Jenny)BendBendYear-roundHorseWood ShavingsMixDrive Past facility entrance
Chris Hagen66838 Lance Rd.BendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Mix
Craig and Kimberly Ladkinintersection SE Knott rd. and 15thBendYear-roundHorseOther (Indicate Below)Fresh95% manure, 5% hay.Horse/goose manure. Hay bedding.
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